Did you load into a brand new player profile and don't know how to get back to your previously saved player account? Our team understands the importance of maintaining your game progress when you get a new phone or tablet or need to recover your account. That's why we support the following login methods for creating an account:

Prize Kingdoms Account - Email

INK ID Account




If you get a new device, open up Prize Kingdoms and you will see a login screen. Here you can choose the account you want to use to sign in. If you already have progress on an account, you can sign in with the same account information you used before getting your new phone. This will then load you into your previous game progress. You might also load into the game as a guest. It will appear that you are starting over from the beginning, but have no fear! Your progress is still saved. You will need to go to the menu portion of the game at the bottom left of the screen and choose the Login button. Make sure you use the same authentication method that you did when you first created your Prize Kingdoms account. Once the login is successful your progress will load right up!

For example, if you logged in with Facebook on your old phone, you'll need to log in again with Facebook on your new phone to recover your progress.

What if I no longer have access to my Facebook, Google, or Apple account?

If you previously used a login provider to create a Prize Kingdoms account, and you no longer have access to that account, please let us know and our support team will do our best to get you connected!