Sometimes you’ll run out of dice. That’s always a bummer but fortunately, you can find dice all over your kingdom. Here are some places to look:

Daily Bonus: Every day you can get free dice and other prizes just for logging into the game. When you open the game each day you will be greeted with a pop-up screen that will display your daily bonus.

Hourly Bonus Dice: Your dice will automatically refill over time up to a limit. To get the most dice, you’ll want to make sure to log in often to use your dice. That way you can collect more free dice when you’re not playing.

Events: In-game events often reward big prizes including dice, gold, and gems! The further you get in an event, the more free dice you’ll earn!

Clubs: When you join a club you can donate dice to other players in your club. You can also request dice and get free dice from people in your club!

Leagues: If you’re in a Club, you can participate in the League Tournament. Each week the top Clubs earn big prizes, including free dice!

Upgrade Your Board: By upgrading your districts you will complete your board. Once your board is complete you can move to the next board. Before you move to the next board, you’ll get to take a Victory Lap around your kingdom, collecting lots of free dice along the way!

Store Offers: Visit the Store to purchase dice, either by spending gems or by making in-app purchases. Check back often because there are always amazing deals in the store!

Sweepstakes: Be sure to check the Sweepstakes tab often, because not only are there great prizes like gift cards, electronics, cash, and more, but there are also in-game prizes like huge bundles of gems and dice that you can win. Just enter your tickets for your chance to get a ton of free stuff in the game!

Bonus Royale: Fill up your Bonus Royale meter at the top of your board to activate the Bonus Royale mode! In this mode, prizes will rain down from the heavens and you’ll get ten rolls to collect as much loot as you can! A great way to earn dice! Be careful because the Bonus Royale timer resets every 24 hours. Make sure you get those rolls in when the meter is full before time runs out!