When you have enough fuel you can use it to launch an attack on other players' boards to earn gold and trophies. If your fuel gauge is full you can tap on your Zeppelin tile or the two swords button on the left of the screen to launch an attack at any time. During attacks, you get to roll for FREE while you play on someone else’s board.

Fuel is a very valuable resource, so you’ll want to find it wherever you can. Here are some places to look for Fuel:

Prize Spots: You’ll see Prize Spots appear next to spaces on your board. These can contain gold, gems, dice, totem bubbles, and even fuel. All you have to do is land on one of these spots to collect your reward instantly.

Store Offers: Sometimes you’ll be able to purchase fuel directly in the store by buying one of the store bundles. Fuel won’t always be bundled with your gem and dice purchases, so be sure to take advantage when you can!