As you build your kingdom you’ll need to acquire resources to invest in infrastructure to give your population places to live, work, and play. However, as any ruler knows, one of the best ways to acquire wealth is to steal it! That’s where attacking comes into play. Read on for more information about how attacking works in Prize Kingdoms.

There are three ways to launch an attack in Prize Kingdoms.

Zeppelin Tile: Landing on the Zeppelin tile immediately launches an attack. You do not have to have a full fuel meter to launch an attack by landing on the Zeppelin tile.

Fuel: If you collect enough fuel you can launch an attack whenever you want by tapping the attack button in the lower left of your screen. It’s the button with the two dueling swords. Launching an attack this way will cost you fuel, so be sure to keep your tank topped off! See our fuel section for information about how to get fuel.

Revenge: You aren’t the only one attacking in Prize Kingdoms! There are plenty of other Kings and Queens who will be attacking you trying to steal your gold. You can access your News Feed from the menu in the lower-left corner of the screen to see who has been attacking you. If you have enough fuel, you can launch a revenge attack right from your News Feed to try to get your gold back!