Traps are the best way to protect your kingdom from attackers. They are randomly placed on any standard tile that is not currently being used. This is crucial as you build up your kingdom alongside its riches!

Landing on traps:

When you land on a trap while attacking you have two options. The first is to disarm the trap. This will cost you gems and the cost will vary depending on how far into the board you are. The second option is to pack your bags and head home for FREE.

Need more traps:

A player will receive a trap for landing on the trap tile. You will have a limit of traps you can receive by using this method. However, if you wish to acquire more you may purchase more traps by using your gems! To do so, simply tap the trap tile (with the satellite on it) and buy traps. You may also find some surprises in the Draw Cards as well.

How many traps can a player have:

A player can have as many traps as there are, open standard tiles. The number of traps your board is capable of carrying will vary depending on your player level. For example, a higher level will be able to accumulate more traps than a lower level due to increased trap capacity earned through level-up rewards.  More traps can also be acquired by purchasing them with gems.